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PostSubject: Forum rules   Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:45 pm

New rules of Martyrs Of The Free Word!
a) Read the rules
b) If you do not agree you don't have to post here :/

1. Fake accounts are not tolerated, present yourself only and only as your true self.

2. This forum is supposed to be nice experience for us all, so please do not force your opinions or bully anyone here. If you feel bullied or anything inappropriate appears please contact the admin.

3. You might have seen Epica more times than the rest of us or you might own more merchandise but you really don't have to go douchebag about it.

4. Do not post huge pictures, if you want to share big pictures please use a link.

5. No one word replies, nobody likes those and spamming the forum with such messages will be counted as a reason of banning.

6. Do not post nude pictures, well this one should be obvious right? We are not a porn community after all Wink

7. In general, be nice to everyone and have fun!

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Forum rules
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