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 'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone!

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'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone! Empty
PostSubject: 'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone!   'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone! I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2009 11:59 pm

Epica's video shoot, exclusive!

On Sunday, September 5 drew Dutch / Belgian group Epica to Berlin for the shooting of the first music video for the album
"Design Your Universe" on October 16 will be on the shelves.
'Unleashed' is the favorite song which Epica deep into the German empire penetrated.
Exlusive for Mindview crawled drummer Arien van Weesenbeek and singer Simone Simons of their pen to give us a look behind the scenes.

On Saturday we left at five a clock with Mark, Arien and I from Reuver to the car to Berlin.
Six hours later we arrived at 10pm in our hotel in Berlin.
Coen and Isaac, the knucklebones at night drove to Berlin and arrived at 6am in the morning while Yves reached Berlin by plane.

My alarm went off at 5 though.
I think if I had fallen asleep around 2am, so I haad only about three hours sleep and my eyes were a little close.
According to the schedule we had to be at 6:30 on location.
That was in Beelitz Heilstaetten, less an hour drive.
During the ride to Beelitz we saw the sunrise.
Since almost no one on the left, we were briefly stopped at a few quick photoshots of the beautiful sunrise.

On arrival at the site in Beelitz we were all very impressed by the building where we could start filming.
The people of AVA Productions had been there a while and had all the necessary preparations done.
Everywhere tourists were walking around taking pictures of the beautiful building.
I also had my Nikon camera along to the next days filming also plenty of pictures.
The hospital where we were filming seems to be a popular location for various things.
Apparently there was also a scene for the movie 'Valkyrie' included.
A slightly less appealing story is that in the building also illegal SM celebrations were held, where a young woman died / was killed ...
The spiders, which hung on the walls everywhere, strengthened the 'haunted house' feeling.

Before we could start we got a first layer of powder.
Stolen were not there, so we had to sit in the wheelchair who later would play a role in the video.
It was a special feeling during the powder to sit in a wheelchair.
So we could all slow a bit in the mood for the video.

''Camera rolls and ... action!'' That we have got to hear several times that day.
We started the with all tight bandshots in our metalpack for the camera were to rock.
There was a television in the corner of the room, which occasionally we could see how our performance looked.
The location and view were beautiful.
The Epicamen also did not work out correctly.

After brief pause honor, where we were served delicious German sausages, we went on with the last shots.
I could clothe me in the meantime for the next scene, which would take place in the hospital.
That we all wore a nurse uniform.
The make-up was somewhat more neutral and my hair was braided.
I loved it the whole band once in the white look.
Again, not bad visibility.
They were so by dentists for me as a dental assistant

Daniel Rossmeisl was the actor that we would work that day.
In everyday life he is a much sought after actor.
I was equally acquainted with him, a little bit because we had failed and he had to wait until we had finished the band shots.
Daniel will star in the video.
He was not verplegerpak, but a straitjacket.
In the corner of the makeup room where Daniel was in a bed to lie.
Mark Isaac and the nurses who were in the wheelchair would then help him out of the room to drive. In the next scene, the entire operating band. Mark verklap some were over.

The second location was the center of Berlin.
In those scenes we were dressed like normal people, period clothing and no gee yes sister, no-sister packages.
Do we still view some of Berlin (winks).

One last stop took us to a living room of an apartment in Berlin.
The men were ready and able, after they had eaten their Dinner Kebab, they went back to the hotel.
I had to stay for some scenes.
Slowly I began to feel is that short night but I was so fascinated by what was going on, I have not bothered them.
By Verena had been an actress yet arrived for the filming of the final scenes.
All in all it was a very successful day. We all worked veri hard and the people of AVA Production were very professional.
We all look forward to the final result!
Greetings Simone

Unleashed from Arien's point of view

With a new album a new video.
Perhaps people are not knowing the amount of process that bands go through to a clip of a of few minutes to make.
Make no mistake, there's more to kick than you think.
First is the search for a director, that the whole picture could start in September to shoot the video clip from the release of the album.
We eventually go to Ava Studios, a German company that has several big bands had the lens.
With them we summarize the pre-production to: brainstorming about the story, how it should look, etc.

On September 6, at 7am in the morning, we were expected at a rickety, old hospital near Berlin.
And with "old" we mean no electricity, no light, broken windows, dilapidated, dusty rooms and more beautiful.
With bags under eyes were drawn instruments, hanging lamps, cameras and sound equipment in place,
lapped coffee, made-up band and a short time later we were already fairly well to headbanging.
After we 'Unleashed' and we had played dozens of times from all positions were recorded, moved the whole circus to a small room on the first floor of the neglected property.
Leafed wallpaper from the walls, wind blowing through the windows.
Here was a piece of the story of the clip filmed.
Without going into detail and give away the story, there was a lot of acting work whatsoever and we were even put in white suits!

Ince Epica just a bit better in music than acting, it took a little longer for everything to ation consequent.
Sometimes you think a particular expression on your face, but it looks totally different to image.
And so it was quite a laugh off.
Another part of the story took place in the heart of Berlin.
We filmed near a park.
That was our patience to the test (laughs).
While we had to wait until we all turn came for the relevant shots, go oaths Coen, Isaac and I in our time "Rammstein-free styling on the song 'Angel', what brought much needed laughter (laughing).

Then we went toward last place: an apartment inhabited by one of the crew members, had been often favored backdrop for filming.
After a pause (a delicious dinner sandwich), showed that only have to Simone-configuration for the final shots, and the men were ready. And to everyone's delight (laughs).

After one days full of play, playing extras and much waiting, we were tired but happy and full of going expectations about the final result back to the hotel for a beer and still get to sleep.
The next day we went our separate ways home with a good feeling.

Keep an eye!

Cheers, Arien
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'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone! Empty
PostSubject: Re: 'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone!   'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone! I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 15, 2009 12:21 am

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'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone! Empty
PostSubject: Re: 'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone!   'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone! I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 15, 2009 12:55 am

Holy cow,those reviews are so awesome.It's going to be their best video! Smile
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'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone! Empty
PostSubject: Re: 'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone!   'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone! I_icon_minitime

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'Unleashed' special interview about the shoot with Arien and Simone!
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